• Which is the "hook" side and which is the "loop"?
  • Why is it called hook and loop?
  • Do I get the complete product on one roll?
  • How much will xyz cost to ship to my address, & how long will that take?

  • Which is the "hook" side and which is the "loop"?

    Hook is the scratchy side. Loop is the softer, fluffy side.
    If you look closely, you can see that the loop side has many fine loops on it and the hook side has little grippy hooks, which grap onto the loops and hold it together.

    Why is it called hook and loop?

    Our brand of hook & loop is Zelfast. It has the same purpose as the commonly known brand of hook and loop and is of excellent quality. Much like an esky is a specific brand of coolers, but has been widely adopted to include generic coolers, and texta is a certain brand of felt tipped pen but has become the normally used term, so hook and loop has become more commonly known by a big brand name rather than what it actually is - Hook and Loop.

    Do I get the complete product on one roll?

    One side - either hook OR loop - comes on each roll. Selling individually allows you to purchase only what you need, rather than being forced to purchase both sides if you only need one. Many people purchase self adhesive hook only, in order to hang posters or other display items onto the carpeted walls of an expo stand or school classroom.
    If you are wanting both sides, to stick together, you will need to purchase both hook, and loop.

    How much will xyz cost to ship to my address and how long will that take?

    We offer several different post & courier options, Australia-wide - we don't have a hope of (or any desire to!) memorise every possible weight + carrier option + postcode combination. You will find it super easy to find out yourself though without having to go through the check out at all.

    Simply "Add to Cart" the desired items, then click on "My Cart" at the top of any product page. This will give you a shipping quote. The cheapest option shows automatically, and you can use the drop down box to compare the rates of other carriers to your area. You can make your selection based on whatever is important to you, be that the price, the speed, or using a preferred carrier.

    In addition, it also tells you what size box our cart estimates these items fitting into, and how much spare weight and space - "Free Capacity" - that box has before you will bump up into another shipping price bracket. Handy, huh!

    For any other shipping related queries, please see our Shipping Information page