At Zelfast we already have our prices at wholesale prices. We operate a very low margin business, and often any further discount we give customers is because of savings we can pass on by delivering the volume they are using.

We run a discount program for customers who buy large volumes through us. We find most of our customers would prefer getting product just in time on a week to week, month to month basis to assist cash flow, stock control, and storage.

We review on 30 June each year all of our customers spend during the prior 12 months and will adjust if applicable. We do access the odd customer at other times of the year when they ask us to or we notice their circumstances have greatly changed.

One must be looking to spend $2,400 in a one off purchase, or have spend $2,400 already in the prior 12 months to qualify for our Business Customer discount.

There are three groups of discount rates, these group rates are:
First Level - $2,400pa or more spend - 4% discount
Second Level - $6,000pa or more spend - 10% discount
Third Level - $12,000pa or more spend - 20% discount

For selected Australian customers we can deliver as much stock as they want, on terms for it to paid off in full before 31 December or 30 June at any time which allows for a few deliveries per year, cheaper shipping rates, and allow them make bulk productions and get plenty of stock in advance for peak periods.

The best deal with can give someone is on a cash upfront, bulk deal. Most of our bulk deals are done on a case by case, month by month basis. The best bulk deal will always be with customers who co-op directly off our next production run.

If you are considering looking at a bulk deal keep in mind that the threshold is often $1,000.00 or more for a single line of product.

If you would like to know more about buying in bulk on our contract rates and feel you should qualify, please send us an email to: Glyn - glyn@zelfast.com.au to discuss how we can help!